About us

UNISTROJ s.r.o. was founded on January 1st 1993, and since the beginning has dealt with engineering production. It had its headquarters in the paper mills in Štětí and started in rented premises on a leased production facility. Its production programme was mainly the production of spare parts for the paper industry and repairs in this area. In the first few years the turnover was approximately 10 million CZK.

Today, after 25 years of existence, the company has its headquarter on its own land, production takes place in their own modern halls and mostly on modern machines. In addition, in 1997, they purchased the older production plant in Semily from the National Property Fund, today Semilské strojírny s.r.o., for the extension of production options mainly in processing metal sheets. There has also been a change in the company’s manufacturing focus, as it‘s mainly manufacturing parts for new machines and also the constructing parts of machines. Parts of the company's production can be found on machines for paper and cellulose production, machines for paper and cardboard processing, printing, textile, glass and machinery in other industrial areas.

We mainly focus on the following activities:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Drilling
  • Balancing
  • Installation
  • Ensuring surface treatment of our products (hardening, refining, chrome plating, rubber coating, ceramic coating, zinc coating, nitriding, NiCr etc.)

At present, the company employs approximately 100 employees in both plants and has turnover of around 120 million CZK.

Our goal is customer satisfaction, accuracy, quality, delivery on time